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Matt Eng is a Front-End Designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that specializes in creative design and UI/UX implementation for websites, mobile and SaaS web applications.

View Flagship Brand Website + HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.Net, MVC Framework

Flagship Brand Website NDA-01

Lead front end designer/coder for corporate flagship brand website. Collaborated with back-end and creative teams to create a strong community oriented website featuring cooking, baking and dynamic user generated content.

View Mobile Brand Website + HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.Net, MVC Framework

Mobile Brand Website NDA-02

Lead front end designer/coder for multi-national brand mobile website. Designed wireframes, layout structure and navigation interface to provide the best possible mobile user experience without compromising content or usability.

View Mobile Friendly Website + HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.Net, MVC Framework

Mobile Friendly Website NDA-03

Lead front end designer/coder for multi-national brand website. Worked with client and back-end development teams to build mobile friendly website with an emphasis on simplicity and clarity. Near pixel perfect accuracy to provided studio PSD designs.

View Classic Layout Brand Website + HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.Net

Classic Layout Brand Website NDA-04

Primary front-end development for multi-national product and recipes website. Collaborated with Creative Director to maintain brand identity and overall look and feel of in-store products.

View Rewards Program Landing Page + HTML, CSS, Responsive Design, ASP.Net, MVC Framework

Rewards Program Landing Page NDA-05

Code, QA testing and responsive layout adaption of landing page for greeting card retailer. Responsive design for optimal viewing on desktop and mobile devices; bootstrap front-end framework.

View Restaurant Chain Landing Page + HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Responsive Design

Restaurant Chain Landing Page NDA-06

Primary HTML/CSS development of landing page for national restaurant chain's kids membership program. Maintains consistent branding identity for all responsive desktop, tablet and mobile layout views.

View Digital Agency Website + HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap, Responsive Design, ASP.Net, MVC Framework

Digital Agency Website NDA-07

Lead front end development and layout redesign of Digital Agency's marketing website. Collaborated with the Executive Team and Creative Director to produce fully responsive site showcasing company's clients, products and services.

View Breakfast Promotion Contest + HTML, CSS, jQuery, ASP.Net

Breakfast Promotion Contest NDA-08c

Front end development and design of Flagship Brand's Breakfast Promotion Contest. Simple landing page with print marketing materials as creative assets for website design. Adapted layout design and banner ads from existing creative assets.

View LRG Rewards: Various Clients + HTML, CSS, LESS, AngularJS, Webstorm, Responsive Design

LRG Rewards: Various Clients NDA-Engage

Front end site design implementation of LRG Rewards for various corporate clients at Engage People Inc. LRG is an innovative software solution that allows reward program owners to redeem points at thousands of online retailers. Received creative assets from third party design agencies and developed in-house design standards for new client onboarding. Responsive design implementation and cross-browser usability testing.

View Film Festival Protoype Concept + Photoshop, Creative, Illustrator, Wireframes

Film Festival Protoype Concept NDA-08d

Prototype redesign concepts for annual Film Festival website. Revamped and revised existing layout structure of previous website based off creative brief and initial wireframes. Core foundation for eventual final production design.

View Facebook Fan Page + Photoshop, Creative, Wireframes

Facebook Fan Page NDA-09

Facebook micro fan page to promote brand loyalty and product awareness for hair product company. Fully incorporates user generated profile images and comments in a seamless consistent design. Allows "Fans" to win prizes and promotion rewards.

View Facebook Rib Contest + Photoshop, Creative, UX/UI Design

Facebook Rib Contest NDA-010

Facebook application/micro site contest designed to encourage and integrate the use of social media to increase user's chance of winning. Created new original content and creative assets to match current campaign and existing brand design guidelines.

View Gilltraining.com + Creative, Development, Prototyping, Wireframing

Gilltraining.com @freelance

Sole designer/developer for promotional personal trainer website. Worked with client to develop content and site layout. Implemented full content management system for easy client made updates and independent operation

View Metrics Analytics Dashboard + Photoshop, Creative, Development, Wireframing

Metrics Analytics Dashboard NDA-012

Design, prototyping and front-end development of client facing reporting and analytics tool. Agile development methodology and workflow process. Product used by corporate and multi-nationals.

View Banyan Prototype Concept + Photoshop, Creative, UI/UX Design

Banyan Prototype Concept @freelance

Proposal for Banyan Work Health Solutions website redesign based off existing assets and brand guidelines. Communicated with client and involved parties regarding layout and information mapping. Blueprint groundwork for third-party site development.

View Student Life Department Websites + Photoshop, Creative, UI/UX Design

Student Life Department Websites @University of Toronto

Design, layout and information mapping for all Student Life department websites. Strict adherence to organizational design guidelines and strong emphasis on accessibility, usability and user experience.

View Movember Prototype Concept + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Photoshop

Movember Protoype Concept NDA-021

Layout and wireframe design for conceptual Facebook Movember Contest. Use assets from official Movember branding guidelines with exceptional care and emphasis on user photo upload and gallery functions. Built and developed as prototype site for demoing purposes.

View Cocktail Newsletter + Photoshop, HTML Email

Cocktail Newsletter NDA-022

Layout design of restaurant franchise summer email cocktail newsletter. Use of existing brand creative assets. Development of HTML Email for deployment.

View Technology Demo Email + Photoshop, HTML Email, Responsive Design

Technology Demo Email NDA-024

Newsletter demo illustrating responsive email design. Adaptative design approach with two seperate layouts, mobile and desktop. Development of HTML Email for deployment.

View Fashion Demo Email + Photoshop, HTML Email, Responsive Design

Fashion Demo Email NDA-025

Newsletter demo illustrating responsive email design. Adaptative design approach suitable for a online or clothing retailer. Development of HTML Email for deployment.

View Go For Gold Auto Contest + Photoshop, Illustrator, HTML, CSS, Interactive PoS

Go For Gold Auto Contest NDA-026

Design of "Spin to Win" and "Go for Gold" point of sale web application featured at Auto Group's Dealerships on customer purchase of new vehicle. Interactive design, displayed on large HD Televisions and monitors at various offices. Worked with developers to achieve real time spinning animation, sound and effects on prize selection.

View Deodorant Marketing Assets + Photoshop, Illustrator

Deodorant Marketing Assets NDA-027

Design and ideation of leading men's deodorant for social media campaigns on new product release. Produced digital creative assets for brand and related email marketing campaigns.

View Frozen Fruit Tour Mircosite + Photoshop, Fireworks, HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery

Frozen Fruit Tour Mircosite NDA-030

Design, ideation and development of Frozen Fruit Brand Microsite for Summer Fruit Smoothies tour across Canada. Implemented interactive "bus" animation pin during the duration of the event and updated microsite with tour photos, testimonials and recipes. One of Matt Eng's first professional corporate projects.

View Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant Newsletters + Photoshop, HTML Email, Responsive Design

Rotisserie Chicken Restaurant Newsletters NDA-034

Prepared creative assets for HTML newsletter campaigns. Coding and testing of HTML emails using Email on Acid, Litmus and internal test deployments. Developed responsive design email solutions while maintaining consistent brand imagery and layout.

View Burger Franchise Newsletters + Photoshop, HTML Email

Burger Franchise Newsletters NDA-034

Prepared creative assets for HTML newsletter campaigns. Coding and testing of HTML emails using Email on Acid, Litmus and internal test deployments. Prepared gif animations for robust email campaigns.

View Digital Fare Manager + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Axure

Digital Fare Manager NDA-015

Re-structuring and technical userflow wireframes for Digital Fare Manager CMS tool. Served as supplemental specification document provided for client sign-off and core UI design blueprint for development team.

View Digital Automated Email Tool + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Axure

Digital Automated Email Tool NDA-016

Initial functional wireframes for the Digital Automated Email Tool. Enables individual retail franchisees to deploy email newsletters pending approval of district managers/head office.

View Retail Mobile Wireframes + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Axure

Retail Mobile Wireframes NDA-017

Organized and designed wireframe layout for retail company's corporate mobile website. Strong emphasis on easily accessible heavy industry information for sales and marketing associates. Illustrated functional behaviour of mobile menu and page hierarchy for client sign off.

View Corporate Digital CMS + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Axure

Corporate Digital CMS NDA-018

Wireframe blueprint and primary UI/UX designs for Corporate Digital's CMS. Served as internal specification document for project, development and account management teams. Centralized CMS that controls all brand, creative, copy and product detail information for all of client's dynamic websites.

View Facebook Contest Wireframe + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Axure

Facebook Contest Wireframe NDA-019

Created wireframes to provide a clear understanding and visualization of contest from multiple points of entry; Facebook, Microsite and email signup. Mapped out user interaction flow and areas of possible ambiguity for client, project management and development teams.

View Digital Agency Website Wireframe + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Axure

Digital Agency Website Wireframe NDA-020

Wireframes for redesign of Digital Agency's website with a focus on clarity and stronger visual imagery. Communicated with the Executive Team and Creative Director on content hierarchy and information mapping. Provided additional technical design notes and symbols to illustrate responsive desktop and mobile layout views.

View Podium Loyalty Rewards + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Illustrator, Axure

Podium Loyalty Rewards NDA-Engage

UI/UX design for Podium, leading loyalty SaaS platform at Engage People Inc. Worked with Design Team on user interface, user experience and visual design of Front-End and Admin CMS. Defined and communicated user flows and new features in an Agile software development environment with key stakeholders and Product Owners. Provided wireframe and functional prototypes for dev implementation.

View Reach Merchandise Fulfillment + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Illustrator

Reach Merchandise Fulfillment NDA-Engage

UI/UX design for Reach, proprietary gift card and merchandise fulfillment platform at Engage People Inc. Communicated with Product Owner and stakeholders in determining detail views for Admin CMS and defined user flows for optimal efficiency based on test data and internal user feedback. Wireframe deliverables for Product Owner.

View Analytics Platform + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Photoshop, Illustrator

Analytics Platform NDA-Analytics

UX/UI design, prototyping and usability testing for client facing reporting tool. Agile iterative design methodology, provided changes and updates based on user research and feedback to better meet clients analytics objectives.

View Financial Institution Registration Flow + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Photoshop

Financial Institution Registration Flow NDA-000

UI/UX design for Canadian Financial Institution's rewards program. Produced mockups and wireframes for key stakeholders and product management teams to communicate registration flow and responsive design behavior. Blueprint for the successful implementation by development and QA teams.

View Financial Institution Rewards Program + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Photoshop, Illustrator

Financial Institution Rewards Program NDA-000

Wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for American Financial Institution's rewards program. Customized design to suit brand standards and overall visual identity of website and browser extension add-ons. Produced digital artefacts for client review, project/product management and development teams.

View Mobile Tablet Signup App + UI/UX Design, Wireframe, Photoshop, HTML, CSS

Mobile Tablet Signup App NDA-033

Wireframes and visual mockups for Mobile Tablet Signup App used at leading food chain's corporate charity events. Participants would sign up wirelessly via tablet in order to subscribe themselves for the corporate newsletter to receive rewards and food discounts during event registration. UX/UI design and usability testing.


Who is this guy?

Matt Eng is a Front-End Designer based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada that specializes in creative design and UI/UX implementation for websites, mobile and SaaS web applications.

He is currently employed as a UI/UX Designer at OMERS and has filled various technical/creative roles in the past such as Front End Developer, Web Designer and Creative Team Lead for a wide variety of high profile enterprise level clients and multinational brands.

Graduating from the University of Toronto, Bachelor of Arts New Media Studies, he also holds a diploma from Centennial College in New Media Design and has a background in the fine arts.

Matt also takes an interest in photography, art, gaming, internet-meta culture and popular trends. He tries to keep up with everything he likes but sometimes feels left in the dust.


Matt's skillset of web technologies have grown to include HTML5, CSS3, SASS, LESS, JavaScript, jQuery, ASP.Net, ASP Classic, PHP, WordPress, CMS Made Simple, Kentico CMS, XML, Bootstrap and is constantly learning more. He has become knowledgeable with the particularities of cross-browser/platform compatibility and has advanced understanding of desktop, mobile and responsive web design.

His range of work primarily encompasses web design, development and UI/UX but is also not limited to photo manipulation, illustration and graphic design. He is well-versed in the Adobe Creative Suite line of software such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and Adobe XD and is keen on InVision/Figma prototyping, Axure wire-framing, product development and web accessibility/usability best practices. He is also experienced in HTML email development and email testing/debug services such as Email on Acid and Litmus.

Professionally, Matt is well known for his attention to detail and his ability to understand creative, project, company/client objectives and to deliver solutions on time with consistency and quality.


To contact Matt Eng regarding potential work, please allow for 1-2 business days for a response via email.

If you are interested in learning more about Matt Eng's work history or credentials, please indicate so and he will be glad to forward you a formal documented resume/CV.

Please note that some of Matt Eng's work is under NDA and cannot be fully disclosed to the public.